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Eidon x Origin Travels

There are few things we love more than contagious wanderlust, women empowering women, and always finding the time to catch a few waves. Origin Travels is a magnificent mashup of all these things and more – so we’re teaming up with this adventure-centric tour company to bring you the women-only travel experience of a lifetime. Destination: Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica. 


Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Origin Travels is the brainchild of Britt Kasco, a woman on a noble mission to place off-the-beaten-path adventures within arm’s reach for young adult women. Britt’s raison d’être is bringing people together through experiences that go beyond travel’s shiny exterior: she’s all about trusting in yourself, your physical strength, and the inspiring women around you to conquer everything from towering peaks to your own self-confidence.
We couldn’t have chosen a better partner to help us craft a truly authentic “live, travel, surf” experience – Britt’s holistic vision and relentless ambition is the perfect fuel for our adventure tank.
For 7 days, you’ll be taking a deep dive into the very best that Costa Rica has to offer. As you wander the cities of Cabuya, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Mal Pais, here are just a few of the magical experiences that await you: 


A cozy jungle lodge as your home base. Adventures aplenty: waterfall hikes, beach bars, and more. Surfing and yoga classes: a blend of zen and adrenaline. Your choice of 2 swimsuits from Eidon’s 2019 collection. Photos to last a lifetime, courtesy of our photographer Leah


So, got any plans from November 17 to 23, 2019? Now you do!
Click the link below to snag your spot, or get in touch at for more info.





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