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On winterโ€™s coldest nights, when outstretched tendrils of frost transform your windows into crystal-coated kaleidoscopes, itโ€™s almost impossible to recall a time when the world wasnโ€™t blanketed in snow. But year after year, like clockwork, springtime swoops in to warm our bones and thaw our landscapes with its compassionate embrace.

"nirvana is a state of complete transcendence and enlightenment, the ultimate spiritual destination."

Our Nirvana collection is an ode to rebirth and a celebration of renewal, with the noble tulip at the center of it all. This Buddhist concept is rooted in having no roots at all: nirvana is a state of complete transcendence and enlightenment, the ultimate spiritual destination

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Derived from the sanskrit word for โ€œextinguish,โ€ those who have achieved nirvana have shed the shackles of desire, suffering, and their sense of self, effectively releasing themselves from the binding cycle of reincarnation. Of course, even though freedom from the turbulent pattern of death and rebirth is the central goal of achieving nirvana, we thought it was just as important to celebrate the time and experiences in between.

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A true spokesflower for the season, we chose to layer the lovable tulip against a white-on-black polka-dot backdrop: a pattern not unlike the snow that springtime gently melts away. From the first inklings of warm weather to the sweltering summers that follow, celebrate life in all of its dichotomous glory with our gorgeous Nirvana collection.

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