Mark McInnis

Mark McInnis is a surfer, outdoorsman, and photographer from Bend, Oregon. We met him a couple of years ago after stumbing across his work on social media, and are super stoked that we’re good friends with him now ‘cause he’s blowing up in the world of surf photography and would be too busy for us [...]

posted Jul. 7, 2016


Lee Meirowitz

Lee is a surfer and spear fisherman from Montauk, New York. When he is not out in the water, he spends his time collecting vintage surfboards from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and traveling the world as an up-and-coming board short model. We aren’t even kidding. He was part of our photo shoot in Northern [...]

posted Jan. 1, 2016

Ivah Wilmot surfing in peru

Ivah Wilmot

Ivah Wilmot is an 18-year-old surfer from Kingston, Jamaica. When he’s not out front catching waves, he’s probably skating the empty pool his back yard with one of his brothers. We caught up with Ivah a few weeks ago to talk to him about growing up and learning to surf in Jamaica, and about his [...]

posted Sep. 9, 2015

delphine foo matkin low res profile picture eidon community Q & A

Delphine Foo-Matkin

Delphine Foo-Matkin knows how to go from dreaming to doing. A big thinker and keen planner, the Montreal native recently caught our attention as she gears up for Santa Cruz’s first ever Surf Film Festival, which she’s co-founded along with her husband Michael. A lover of surf, surf culture, and travel, Delphine is a risk [...]

posted Jul. 7, 2014

Kenji Croman Head Shot-LOWRES

Kenji Croman

Oahu-based photographer Kenji Corman is willing to take a beating just to get a good shot. He’s got to be, as his own unique brand of surf photography takes him underwater and into heavy surf, chasing big waves for an in-ocean perspective rarely captured in photos. Fearless in the face of sharks, concussions, and broken [...]

posted Jun. 6, 2014


Tory Gilkerson

Longboarder Tory Gilkerson started surfing at an age when most of us are still signing our names in crayon. At 14, she won her first amateur surf competition. Now 20, she’s got three U.S. titles under her belt and is looking for her next big challenge. Bubbly, down-to-earth, and one hell of a longboarder, Tory [...]

posted Jan. 1, 2014

Ben Weiland bio pic

Ben Weiland

World traveler, outdoorsman and artist, German-born Ben Weiland is a real renaissance man of the surf world. He’s done everything from graphic design to video and creative writing, but it was his recent work on the multimedia surf/travel project Russia, The Outpost Vol. 1 that really caught our attention. With photographer Chris Burkard on board, [...]

posted Jan. 1, 2014

Portrait of Chris Burkard 1

Chris Burkard

As the senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, Chris Burkard was already on our list the surf scene’s top creative types to watch. And, with his recent Russia, The Outpost Vol. 1, he drove home yet again just how awesome his work really is. A collab with artist Ben Weiland, the multimedia project followed a [...]

posted Jan. 1, 2014


Kai Neville

You can’t have a conversation about surf culture these days without Kai Neville’s name coming up. Surfer, cinematographer, director and photographer, when it comes to making art about surfing, Kai is pretty much the guy making it all happen these days. We recently had the honor of speaking with this “it man” of the surf scene about [...]

posted Sep. 9, 2013


Tyler Spangler

Tyler Spangler is a designer, visual artist and punk enthusiast from Huntington Beach, California. We chatted with him recently about dropping out of art school, opening up a punk venue, and creating good work.   ON YOUR WEBSITE YOU CALL YOURSELF AN “ART CENTER COLLEGE DESIGN DROPOUT”. WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Oh wow, there are hundreds [...]

posted May. 5, 2013


Keith Novosel

Keith Novosel is a young and talented Portland-based surf photographer. We caught up with him recently to discuss surfing, travel, art & photography.   WHAT CAME FIRST, SURFING OR PHOTOGRAPHY? WHAT WAS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO EITHER?   They both came at pretty much the same time for me. I had shot photos here and there [...]

posted Apr. 4, 2013


Jeremy Rumas

What happens when a Chicago-based commercial illustrator, animator and design artist decides to leave his desk and learn how to surf? For filmmaker Jeremy Rumas, it was the impetus for a globetrotting surf adventure that would lead to his new film Hangs Upon Nothing, a poetic look at the past, present and future of surf, [...]

posted Feb. 2, 2013


Brad & Mike from Grain Surfboards

Mike LaVecchia & Brad Anderson are the co-owners of Grain Surfboards in York, Maine. Together, with an environmentally-conscious attitude and strong sense of community involvement, they create handmade surfboards in modern shapes using classic techniques and sustainable wood. HOMETOWN: York, Maine is where we live and work, but Mike’s adopted hometown is Burlington, Vermont where he [...]

posted Dec. 12, 2012

Junior Jenks portrait

Junior Jenks

Jim “Junior” Jenks may just have been destined for a life in the surf world. The head men’s designer for Eidon more or less grew up on the beach. And, as son to one of Ocean Pacific’s co-founders, he got an early start in the surf-wear business. Here, he gives us his family’s history in [...]

posted Sep. 9, 2012

Myles portrait water wave

Myles McGuinness

Myles McGuinness is a talented surf & lifestyle photographer based out of Oceanside, California. When he is not off on some remote beach shooting beautiful pictures, he is running his own branding & design agency. He is also an awesomely fun guy who joined us on Eidon’s first surf trip to Puerto Rico as our [...]

posted Aug. 8, 2012


Trevor Traut

Like a fish in water, Trevor Trout is a surfer and jokester from Dana Point, California. He’s also a good friend who accompanied us on our first official photo shoot trip to Puerto Rico. We caught up with him the other day to ask him about surfing, travelling and tacos. YOUR NAME SOUNDS A LITTLE [...]

posted Aug. 8, 2012